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Samples from our loss control library

  • Loss control library

    Sprinkler system testing

    Perform sprinkler system testing for outside water supply, facility alarms and connection to the fire department.

  • Loss control library

    8 ways to prevent frozen pipe damage

    See this infographic for eight ways to prevent property damage from pipes bursting in freezing temperatures.

  • Loss control library

    Cyber liability

    Learn about and help prevent cyber attacks and data breaches to your business.

  • Loss control library

    Snow and ice removal programs

    Learn about storm preparation, snow removal contractors and what to do if an injury occurs on your property.

  • Loss control library

    Successful Return-to-Work program overview

    Learn how Successful Return-to-Work programs help injured employees, and about tools to create your own program.

  • Loss control library

    Certificates of insurance overview

    See what you learn from certificates of insurance and why you need one from every subcontractor you hire.

  • Loss control library

    Gas forklift operator's daily checklist

    Use it to inspect internal combustion engine industrial trucks before each use.

  • Loss control library

    Commercial kitchen safety

    Review key guidance from NFPA and UL standards to help keep your kitchen safe from fire hazards.

  • Loss control library

    Driver safety tips: Distracted driving

    Have your driver training focus on avoiding the use of cell phones and other distractions.

  • Loss control library

    Fleet safety: Mobile device safety policy

    Use this pledge form to have your drivers commit to safe driving while avoiding cell phone and mobile device usage.

  • Loss control library

    Lifting safety

    Share ergonomic tips with your staff on preparing to lift and what to keep in mind while lifting and transporting.

  • Loss control library

    OSHA Safety Stand-Down

    See how your business can participate in OSHA’s annual event to help America’s workers prevent falls from heights.

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