Resources, information, and links that will assist you in protecting your property and people in the event of a hurricane in your area.

Studies show that almost half of all small businesses affected by natural disasters will not reopen because they were not sufficiently prepared for catastrophic events. A fast-moving hurricane can cause wind damage up to 150-miles inland, while tornados imbedded in these storms add to the degree of damage. Slow moving storms have a tendency towards flash-flooding and long-term flooding. The development and implementation of a proactive natural disaster preparedness program can help business owners minimize the devastating effects caused by disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods.

No matter what size of business, a plan to ensure business continuation should be developed to minimize negative impact in the face of a natural disaster. As the Atlantic Tropical Storm and Hurricane Season is intensifying, consider incorporating these key preparation suggestions: 

Other Resources

Below are additional Loss Control Services resources that will assist you in preparation for an imminent hurricane, as well as recovery after the storm leaves the area:


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