Learn steps to help make your workplace safe for employees, customers and others.

Man working in a warehouse

With nearly 13,000 American workers injured each day, establishing a safety program should be a priority for every business. It may seem like a daunting task, but Nationwide Loss Control Services can help with guides on developing policies, the latest news in technology, and a variety of tools to share with your employees.

An annual event with a focus on safety

The National Safety Council (NSC) promotes National Safety Month every June by addressing a variety of safety topics to help keep your workers safe. Although this is a month-long event, establishing safe practices can help your employees avoid injuries and potential losses throughout the year.

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Emergency preparedness

You can’t predict every incident, but you can take time to consider the risks your business is exposed to and how to help reduce them. From first aid kits to severe weather planning, here are some ways to get started:


Your employees keep your business running, and their wellness is important around the clock. Whether staying awake on long delivery trips, getting through flu season, or avoiding injuries on the job, you can help them stay well.


Fall protection leads OSHA’s top ten list of most frequently cited violations, but these incidents are preventable. From slips on wet floors to falls from heights, you can take measures to help protect workers and the public from fall hazards.

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