Take measures to help reduce the risk to your business of being an easy target for criminals.

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When criminals look for a potential victim, they choose the easiest targets. Some simple practices can aid in deterring robberies, such as:

  • Security devices
  • Clear visibility
  • Effective cash-handling procedures
  • Employee education and awareness programs
  • Law enforcement support

Security devices

  • Install video surveillance equipment at each register and throughout the store.
  • Install two-way communications (intercom) between fuel pumps and clerks.
  • Check the silent alarm monthly to ensure it’s in proper working order.
  • Have employees keep their cell phones handy, in case they should need to call 911.

Clear visibility

  • Install effective lighting inside and outside the store.
  • Keep the store clean and tidy, inside and out; a positive appearance can be a sign of a secure store.
  • Do not allow displays and signs to obstruct the view into the store or block employee view outside.
  • Install mirrors to reveal blind spots.

Cash control

  • Keep a minimum amount of cash in registers and post signs accordingly.
  • Locate cash registers away from exits and not within easy reach of customers.
  • Accept only small bills or credit cards during night shifts.
  • Place excess cash and large bills in the store safe immediately upon receiving.
  • Keep registers open for the shortest time possible.
  • Keep safes locked.

Employee education and awareness

  • Acknowledge each customer who enters the store with a polite greeting.
  • Greet gas customers with the aid of an intercom.
  • Train employees to be vigilant for potential threats.
  • Ask employees to not perform exterior duties on the night shift when working alone.

Police presence

  • Establish and maintain good rapport with local police.
  • Schedule routine crime inspections by local police.
  • Encourage police officers to stop in your store frequently.
  • If faced with a suspicious situation, immediately call 911.
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