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Business continuity planning toolkit

Use this Open-for-Business toolkit from IBHS to help create your business continuity plan.


Why business continuity planning is important

Learn how a business continuity plan can help speed recovery and maintain operations in the event of a disaster.


BYOD policies and business continuity plans

Learn how employees who “bring your own device” to work can play a role in business continuity planning.


Business continuity planning for small businesses

The OFB-EZ® toolkit is an easy-to-use guide to help reduce losses and get back to business fast after a disruption.


An easy-to-use guide to business continuity planning

A disaster can impact your business at any time. A key to survival is how well you prepare.


Supply chain management in your business continuity plan

Establish backup sources for materials, manufacturing and transportation for your supply chain management.


Business continuity planning for home-based businesses

Plan workarounds for issues like Internet service outages to help keep a home office running smoothly.


Social media use for your business continuity plan

With the right safeguards in place, you can use social media to disseminate messages and data quickly and securely.


Top 5 myths about business continuity planning

Learn the most common excuses to put off planning given by small businesses and how the OFB-EZ® toolkit can help.


Recovery priorities for business continuity planning

Identify critical functions and their impacts to help plan for disaster recovery.


The role of telecommuting in a business continuity plan

Learn how vital this option can be during a weather emergency or other workplace disruption.


Knowing the risks to your business

Manage potential risks by performing an annual risk and vulnerability assessment as part of a business continuity plan.