Return-to-Work Program

Tips and tools for getting injured employees back to meaningful work.

At Nationwide, we believe in recognizing and responding to the unique needs of injured workers, and returning them to meaningful work as soon and as safely as possible. This approach benefits your employees, their families, your organization and the communities you serve.


3 steps to creating a successful return-to-work program

Understand the importance of successful return-to-work

Successful return-to-work programs can benefit your organization in many ways. Watch our brief video above and read our return-to-work brochure to learn what you can expect when you implement your program.

Use the sample template we provide as the basis for your company’s program

Our sample return-to-work interactive template (PDF)1 has all you need to develop and implement your program, including step-by-step guidelines and forms. For best results, download the PDF to your computer or other device before navigating the pages.

Train your staff and set your program in motion

We hope you’ll never have a workplace injury, but training employees and managers before one occurs will help to ensure your staff can respond quickly. Download our return-to-work implementation checklist and you can soon have your program in place.

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[1] Recommendations provided are general in nature: unique circumstances may not warrant or require implementation of some or all of the suggestions. The rights of an employer and the employee following a compensable injury vary by state. Verify state requirements. Materials referenced on this page apply to work-related illnesses in addition to on-the-job injuries.