Nurse Triage Program

Resources to help businesses report and appropriately treat work-related injuries
NurseInjuries on the job can occur at any time. Does your company know what to do when an injury occurs?

Injuries may seem minor or start that way, leading to delayed reporting. Establishing an effective system to ensure prompt reporting and care for ALL work-related injuries maximizes recovery for the injured employee and minimizes the business impact of the loss. That is the goal of Nurse Triage.

What is Nurse Triage?

Nurse Triage is a convenient, cost-effective, care-centered resource to support timely reporting and appropriate treatment for work-related injuries. It does this by: 
  • Using the skills of a registered nurse for an initial assessment will help assess the need for future medical care on non-life-threatening injuries.

  • Providing the employee with a user-friendly experience and provide the most appropriate medical attention based on injury sustained.

  • Supporting self-care when appropriate for injury sustained.

  • Offering easy access through a toll-free Nurse Triage hotline, which takes care of reporting the claim to Nationwide, and is available 24/7.

Three Steps to an Effective Nurse Triage Programnurse taking a call

Step One:  Understand the Benefits
  • Benefits abound for both the injured employee and for your business. A true win/win opportunity.
Step Two: Determine if Calling the Nurse Triage Hotline is Appropriate.
  • Know when to use the nurse triage hotline, it is a great resource.
Step Three: Communicate the Procedure
  • Ensure all necessary parties understand the procedures.

Nurse triage action steps

Step One: Understand the Benefits*

Injured Employees Business
Access to a medical professional 24 / 7.Easy access to medical advice supporting
quality care.
Registered nurse advice to guide personal
care decisions.
Prompt reporting of injuries.
Supports social distancing and minimizes time
the employee is away from work.
Reduces employee time away from work.
Assist the employee in locating providers for any
follow-up care needs.
RNs help your business comply with the state
workers’ compensation rules.

*These are only a few of the benefits of using the Nurse Triage service. If no further medical treatment is sought, there is no cost for this service.

Real-Life Testimonials from Nurse Triage Users:
Testimonials from Nurse Triage Users

Step Two: Determine if Calling the Nurse Triage Hotline is Appropriate.

Some Typical Scenarios...What You Should Do...
It’s a serious and / or life-threatening injury
(e.g., fall from heights, laceration causing
significant loss of blood, struck by falling object).
Call 911 immediately so the employee can
receive emergency treatment. Then report the injury to Nationwide at 800-421-3535.
It’s a non-life-threatening injury (e.g., broken bone, laceration requiring stitches, concussion).Refer the employee to an authorized treatment provider if your state permits, or call the Nurse Triage Hotline at 855-777-7090 for assistance. If Nurse Triage Hotline is not called, please report the injury to Nationwide at 800-421-3535 after medical treatment is received.
It’s an injury and you’re not sure whether
medical treatment is needed or what type of
treatment is needed.
Call the Nurse Triage Hotline at 855-777-7090, for guidance on how to proceed.

Step Three: Leadership Understands, Communicates and Uses Your Procedures

  • Review resources associated with nurse triage
  • Establish business use expectations
  • Formalize the procedure to written policy
  • Train key personnel in the process
  • Audit nurse triage usage. Provide additional training or coaching, as necessary

What Related Resources Are Available?

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