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Learn about Nationwide’s suite of commercial solutions to help business owners protect what's most important.

We can tailor a program of coverage and services to fit the needs of your business

Every day, you make difficult decisions for your business. At Nationwide, we make selecting commercial insurance easy. We are the #8 property and casualty insurer1 in the United States and offer flexible, effective and fairly priced coverage options for you.

With an A+ rating by A.M. Best and Standard and Poor’s, we have the financial strength to serve businesses of all sizes. We are a mutual company that puts our members first. 

Learn why Nationwide is the best partner for your business.

Small business insurance

You take pride in your business. You work hard, provide great customer service and employ talented people to help you reach your potential.

As the #1 total small business insurer2, we can help you build and protect your business with customized insurance solutions that suit your needs and your budget.

Learn more about Nationwide's small business insurance.

Mid-sized business insurance

We understand the risks you face and we offer comprehensive insurance protection to help your mid-sized business guard against those risks.

Your desire for choices and convenience is important, and our experience sets us apart. A local agent can help you tailor a customized program for your unique business and operations.

Learn more about industry coverage for mid-sized businesses.


1 A.M. Best, 2015 DWP
2 Conning, 2014: Conning Strategic Study: The Small business Sector for Property-Casualty Insurance: Market Shift Coming.