Loss control library

Bulletins, infographics and other useful tools from Nationwide and other sources to assist in your efforts to manage the risks to your business.

A food safety plan is critical in identifying and controlling hazards such as microorganisms, chemicals (i.e., allergens), and physical hazards within food products.
This infographic explains what vehicles are subject to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) and what vehicles require the driver to have a Commercial Drivers License. (CDL)
This infographic outlines key driver responsibilities under DOT and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR). Great topic for a driver safety meeting or tool box talk.
Electric vehicles and their charging stations are becoming more widely used, and there are hazards that must be controlled when designing and maintaining charging sites.
Because clear thinking is difficult when a crisis is occurring, creating emergency action plans in advance is the best way to ensure that the proper steps are taken.
This infographic illustrates the requirements for basic machinery safeguards to protect workers and reduce risk of injury.
This infographic will guide you through the steps of using a fire extinguisher effectively and safely to help prevent large losses in event of a fire.
This infographic will guide you through the process of conducting a controlled impairment of your fire protection/automatic sprinkler system.
This infographic provides information you can use to minimize your risk from wildfires, as well as information you should know if your business is threatened by fire.
One often overlooked component of a comprehensive fire sprinkler maintenance and testing program is the water itself. Microorganisms in the water can decrease the effectiveness of a sprinkler system.
Infographic covering key pre- and post-trip procedures for small and medium trailers. Great for a tool box talk. Covers key inspection points as well as DOT requirements.
Two-page infographic covering key safety topics for small and medium trailers. Great for a tool box talk. Covers items drivers should know before they tow such as truck and trailer capacities, load distribution as well as safe driving on the roadway.