Protect Your Business During Hurricane Season

Resources, information, and links that will assist you in protecting your property and people in the event of a hurricane in your area.

When hurricanes pose a threat to businesses in the U.S., Nationwide encourages all of our customers in the area to take appropriate measures to help protect their people and property. As you prepare for hurricane’s potential arrival, here are three things for you and your staff to focus on before, during and after the storm.

Create a severe weather emergency plan tailored to your business

We’ve partnered with the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS), of which Nationwide is a member company, and with one of Nationwide’s reinsurers, Munich Re/Hartford Steam Boiler, to provide you with the following resources:

  • Make Your Business Hurricane-Ready – An easy-to-implement guide from IBHS with a series of convenient checklists for the days and hours leading up to the storm and beyond
  • EZ-PREP Infographic – Also from IBHS, a 1-page snapshot of the EZ-PREP planning process referenced above
  • Hurricanes, Before and After – A guide from Munich Re/Hartford Steam Boiler on what you can do to help protect equipment and prevent property damage
  • How to Prepare for a Hurricane – Web page with additional tips on protecting your property from Munich Re/Hartford Steam Boiler

Monitor the storm and its progress

Depending on your state, check these helpful websites and your local weather forecast often for an idea of what to expect from a hurricane and when. You’ll also find timely information including evacuation notices/orders and links to county-specific announcements:

Also, get updates from the National Hurricane Center, which is focused on saving lives and mitigating property loss by issuing the best watches, warnings and forecasts

Keep our claims hotline number handy

Nationwide claims representatives and agents are prepared to assist the businesses we insure should  a hurricane become a weather-related disaster. We have people and resources in place to respond to your needs. If you experience storm damage, call the Nationwide claims hotline 24/7 at 1-800-421-3535 or contact your local agent.


If you have questions after reviewing any of the materials referenced above, contact the Nationwide Loss Control Services team at 1-866-808-2101 or at


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