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At Nationwide, we provide tools and resources that give our customers a ready-to-use program.

workers compensation and the most dangerous industries in the U.S.

In a story shared by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI), a Nationwide workers’ compensation claims case was featured for its successful handling of an injured worker’s claim. An asphalt plant employee was seriously injured on-the-job; As a result, he underwent multiple surgeries and required extensive care and physical therapy to recover.

While the medical case management team played a role in improving the claimant’s physical outcome, it was the employer’s initiative that helped keep a valued employee with their company. Having subscribed to the principle of Successful Return-to-Work, they were prepared to create a flexible work schedule, provide modified duties and maintain a close relationship with their injured employee.

A successful Return-to-Work program can help save time and money

Nationwide Loss Control Services (LCS) recommends that businesses create a return-to-work program before injuries occur. When LCS Consultant Robert Salinas worked with this asphalt company, he explained the importance of a return-to-work program and provided resources to help them get started. As a result of this program, their staff was able to take appropriate actions without delay when an employee was injured. The employee received excellent care, the claims were handled early  and the company saved on potential expenses that can result from lost time seeking and training a replacement.

Without a return-to-work plan in place, the asphalt company may have eventually noticed a higher Experience Modification Factor and increased premium due to the extensive costs. They may have also lost a valuable member of their staff. Studies suggest when an employee is out of work for 12 or more weeks, there is less than a 50 percent chance they will ever go back to work in any capacity.  

Learn how to implement your own successful Return-to-Work program

Nationwide has created ready-to-use return-to-work resources for our insured customers. Even if your business doesn’t have a full-time safety professional, these materials can help any manager tasked with creating an effective program.

If you haven’t registered already, sign up for an account and follow the instructions provided. Once logged in, navigate to Programs at the top and choose Return-to-Work program from the dropdown menu. On our Return-to-Work program page, you can view all tools and resources, including an introductory video, technical bulletins and an interactive template. Develop a Successful Return-to-Work program before an injury occurs, and you’ll be ready to take care of your business and your employees.

View our Successful Return-to-Work webinar

All website visitors were invited to attend a free webinar we hosted in April, 2018. The recorded session is now available so you can learn more about implementing a Successful Return-to-Work program for your business.

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