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Kidde has announced a recall of about 226,000 smoke alarms and combination smoke/carbon monoxide alarms.
Confined workspaces present a potential hazard to workers. This article outlines steps that can be taken to make confined workspaces as safe as possible.
Catalytic Converter thefts have increased 425% in the last year. Review these tips for protecting your fleet from converter thefts, which can cost $800 to $2,200 to replace.
This article provides an overview of risk transfer agreements you should have in place to help avoid damaging lawsuits.
Inspecting your fire extinguishers regularly will help ensure that they work properly if/when you need to use them. This article features an easy-to-follow overview of how to conduct your own extinguisher inspections.
Understanding the risk factors of machinery operations and the general principles of machine guarding will help you complete your own evaluation process and in determining where additional safety controls are needed.
Distracted driving is a leading cause of vehicle accidents. This article reviews the benefits of using new technology to prevent distractions.
Each year, thousands of children are injured on playgrounds. Appropriate equipment, routine inspections and proper maintenance are imperative for ensuring safety.
Active employee and management participation in a safety committee is a great way to prevent workplace injuries. This article provides guidance on how to create and maintain an effective safety committee.
Find out what your business can do to minimize the hazards involved with using robotic machinery.
The skillset needed for an employee to remain competent in the workplace is constantly evolving. Regardless of type of industry, companies must remain future-focused in human resource management, recruitment, and training.
Learn how new vehicle telematics features can provide significant value to contractors and the construction industry. Fleet safety and asset tracking are just a few of the added benefits to vehicle tracking.